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Add a New Menu: This feature is primarily for administrative purposes. The purpose of additional menus is to give the webmaster a convenient method to organize all the pag...
Yes, we can create a custom program for those organizations who are interesting in a pay-per-sale or affiliate basis.
With the advent of outrageous volumes of unwanted email these days, it's unfortunate that legitimate email publications are not being seen by some of the readers who enjoy tho...
Login to your Webmaster page and choose "Edit Contact Information."
The WYSIWYG page editor is not designed to have HTML or Javascript entered into it. If you wish to use HTML, you MUST either use the "Edit HTML Source" feature to work dire...
Shop Configuration: Click the "Shop Configuration" text link to setup the details pertaining to the way your shop will communicate with PayPal. (See the PayPal help topic.) ...
Items Order: Click the \"Items Order\" text link to arrange your catalog items. Click on the item and drag it to the desired position. Click the \"Submit\" button to save th...
Flash is a term that actually refers to 2 different things. A Flash animation is a specially created file and the Flash Player is the “engine” that plays the f...
Banner and sponsorship graphics are displayed on OurChurch.Com's website and the 13,000+ Christian sites in our network. A newsletter is sent to all webmasters (approximatel...
Q: I have SpamAssassin enabled but certain emails get marked as spam and I want to whitelist them: A: Here is how to whitelist: * Enter your cpanel account * Go ...
You can call us at 727-723-2454 or contact us through our help desk. Additionally, many other questions are answered in our Advertising Section.
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